Why Meghan Markle Finds ‘Picked On’ By Queen Elizabeth

Before her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex said she knew royal life wouldn’t be easy. However, there’s nothing that would have actually prepared her for exactly how difficult it really was. As if her ongoing family drama wasn’t bad enough, Meghan also had to affect relentless criticism from British tabloids, and it had been worse than she ever imagined it might be. Why Meghan Markle Finds ‘Picked On’ By Queen Elizabeth?

Almost every move that she made was scrutinized, and everybody seemed ready and willing to voice their opinion about Meghan, her life, and her marriage to Prince Harry. In fact, it had been quite Meghan and Prince Harry were ready to handle, and as we all know, they recently made the astonishing decision to step back as senior royals in favor of a quieter, more private life.

Usually, when someone is within the limelight and that they are browsing such a difficult time, they will always calculate the support of their family to urge through it. Yet, for Meghan and Prince Harry, it’s the other. The royals are disappointed, and that they also are extremely stressed. Let’s mention why Meghan feels “picked on” by Queen Elizabeth.

What we all know about Meghan and Harry’s resignation as senior royals

Meghan and Prince Harry’s resignation — dubbed “Megxit” — has been dominating headlines for weeks. there’s speculation that the couple, who have already made it well-known that they decide to be “financially independent,” will make millions, if not billions of dollars once the split is finalized.

Once the springtime rolls around, CNN reports that some major changes are going to be happening. Meghan and Prince Harry will not be ready to use their “HRH” titles, and that they won’t be completing royal duties on behalf of the queen.

According to MarketWatch, the couple will not be full-time residents of Great Britain, as they take the chance for a more laid back lifestyle with their young son, Archie Harrison.

How did the royalty react?

It is no secret that Meghan and Prince Harry have many fans everywhere on the planet. When the news of Megxit broke, everyone went into a state of shock.

However, fans weren’t the sole ones who were left speechless. because it seems, the opposite senior royals — like Charles and Prince William, and particularly Queen Elizabeth — were saddened by Meghan and Prince Harry’s decision. Insider reports that it caused a touch of tension.

Although the queen released a press release supporting her grandson and his wife, she did go thus far on admit that she wished they might have remained as working members of the royalty. Prince Harry’s father, Charles, and his brother, Prince William, worked tirelessly for weeks to figure out the small print of the split. there’s little question that there was a touch of stress behind palace doors.

Why Meghan feels ‘picked on’ by Queen Elizabeth

It is almost time for Megxit to become official, but Meghan and Prince Harry seem to still be handling the consequences. So, how does Meghan feel “picked on” by her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth?

Apparently, she feels that the restrictions being placed upon herself and Prince Harry aren’t only unfair but that they’re also “payback” for his or her decision to resign. consistent with the Daily Mail, she isn’t happy about things like the very fact that the couple is not any longer permitted to use the word “royal” in their branding.

Meghan also feels that the remainder frictions aren’t necessary for which she and Prince Harry are being treated differently than the rest of the royals, going thus far on saying that her majesty is “picking” on them.

That said, it’s not all drama and hurt feelings. Prince Harry and Meghan are currently within the U.K. wrapping up their royal obligations. Queen Elizabeth reportedly invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to hitch her for a Windsor church. Why Meghan Markle Finds ‘Picked On’ By Queen Elizabeth?

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