Hareem Farooq aspires to disseminate kindness through her new social media enterprise

Renowned Pakistani actress Hareem Farooq has announced a replacement initiative to spread kindness amid all the chaos the planet is experiencing. Hareem Farooq aspires to disseminate kindness.

Taking to Instagram, the Dusri Bivi actor shared a verse from the Holy Quran which says “Good and evil can’t be equal. answer evil with what’s best, then the one you’re during a feud with are going to be sort of a close friend (Quran 41:34)”

On the idea of those beautiful verses, she announced she is starting something new as a part of which she would really like people to try to good deeds and send a video to her.

“There’s such a lot evil and bad that we see around us especially nowadays and therefore the only thanks to fighting evil are with good and it’s only then that we will build a stronger, peaceful and kinder society,” she wrote.
She urged people to play their part in making this world a far better place to measure in. “Do an honest deed (even an atoms weight good deed) and send me a video of it or tag me, if you think that a video is difficult then send your story of an honest thing you probably did recently.”

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Hareem will share those videos and stories on her social media accounts every Friday under the hashtag #happyfridayhareem and #hfh. She advised fans to use the hashtag also.
The starlet clarified this is often not a brand association but her plan to spread love, kindness, and positivity with everyone’s help.

Many showbiz personalities lauded her for taking this step including Meray Paas Tum Ho fame Humayun Saeed. Hareem Farooq aspires to disseminate kindness.

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