Shahid Afridi plans to work with brands for rations

We have found Shahid Afridi in various ads, and now he uses his warrants to help Pakistan during this global pandemic. Shahid Afridi plans to work with brands for rations.

The cricketer has joined Twitter to announce that he will be working from brands and ready to do so for free, but with one prerequisite.

That’s good, Shahid Afridi wants to pay money and rations that he can pass on to people who demand them because of the widespread use of Covid-19.

“I do not require anything financially. I am available and ready for you all. On the Internet, TVs, any specific behavior. I do not need money, I need rations, ready rations that you can send to me”, those in need will receive them. ”

In these awful times, Afridi was an extremely active remedy; his fund actively raises donations and provides care for those who endure this blockage, through a food campaign and more.

But, according to Afridi, “there are large numbers in Pakistan and many more people waiting for their rations.”

This is an unprecedented but very entertaining proposal by Shahid Africa, and we believe it works for the better!

Afridi has been an exceedingly active agent in these dreadful times; his foundation has been actively accumulating donations and making sure those who are enduring during this lockdown are taken care of, through food campaigns and whatnot. Shahid Afridi plans to work with brands for rations.

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