Age of Rumi part 3-Life and works of Rumi

While paying lip-service to the Qur’an, they refused to pay it the homage of their actions without which Islam becomes a mockery. Age of Rumi part 3-Life and works of Rumi.

Instead of accepting the Qur’an as an unchallenged guide to life in all its manifold aspects, the Muslims relegated it to the status of a treatise on dogmas.

No wonder, therefore, that the active vigor and utility of the system was neutralized.

The Sunnah in the thirteenth century had become for the Sufi an ideogram of mere Platonic importance, for the theologian and the legist a mere system of laws, and for the Muslim masses nothing but a hollow shell without any living meaning.

The intellectuals, slow to understand the limitations of their own intellect, had gone all out for Scholasticism, a subtle poison which had by this time eaten deep into the muscles and sinews of the Muslim body politic.

It had sapped the courage of millions of men; it had gnawed at the roots of faith and had demonstrably weakened the fabric of Islam. Age of Rumi part 3-Life and works of Rumi.

We are not concerned with an analysis of the many and varied causes which led to this decay and degeneration. It is enough for our purpose to record that Islam in the thirteenth century was a tottering edifice.

It had weathered many a storm during the seven centuries of its life, but it had now reached a stage when its inner vitality had been slowly sapped, and when one powerful blast might well have uprooted it from the soil on which it was leading a precarious existence.

It is a great paradox of history that while the light of Islam had spread over lands far away, the followers of Islam were deserting their own cause in the very heart of the Islamic commonwealth.

The betrayal had indeed come, not from the mass of men, but from those whose duty it was to guide them to the right path by means of their knowledge and example.

Such. a force of character was, however, conspicuously lacking. The zeal for the faith was not unoften accompanied by a page 4 complete disregard for the law of Islam. Age of Rumi part 3-Life and works of Rumi.

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