Sabaat Episode 7 Hum TV Dramas Story Review

Sabaat Episode 7 Hum TV Dramas Story Review.DRAMA REVIEWS | HUM TV DRAMAS | SABAAT | TOP TRENDING. Eventually, an installment with an exciting twist and some scenes suggested that the play would go to the next level.

The characters remain one-sided, but their events will be a little more interesting, as there is a significant conflict of values.

The background score was once again very noisy and unnecessary. But each scene contributed something new to the story.

We look forward to more changes to your character in the upcoming episode.

The whole “trace threat” was used to help Anya fall in love with Hassan.

She already liked it, but Hassan did everything he could to help her in this part, and the previous thing certainly persuaded Anya to make the final decision.

As a girl who fell in love and was ready to settle down, Mawra Hokane was heartbreaking.

I am glad that the artist showed that the girl who wants to be independent did not oppose the idea of ​​marriage.

 Girls can get married at the same time and pursue their dreams. Anya and Hassan became rather immature because they never thought again.

I really liked the scene that Anya told her mother about Hassan. Anaya’s close relationship with her parents was the highlight of the play.

Their scenes are always realistic and all the artists involved share amazing screen chemistry.

Anaya’s father would have been better off if he had appeared in the photo when he broke the news.

Talking to the father should be seen before meeting with the parents, especially Hassan’s parents.

Until last week, I wasn’t sure because Hassan’s father seemed worthy.

However, the way he played the game tonight was another move he hadn’t thought of yet.

This is the main point in my script. Characters can often act in a way that doesn’t make sense.

Also, it was a kind of approach that led to death in his play.

We often see the boy’s mother doing what Hassan’s father did tonight.

The reaction of Anaya’s father was fully understood and Muhammad Ahmed made the scene truly emotional.

The handshake was an interesting addition to the scene as Hassan’s father greeted Anaya’s father in the cold.

Miraral is a narcissist who not only loves herself but constantly feels the need to have his own way.

The way her naani’s words repeatedly harassed her in this installment reflected the underlined guilt she felt, but not what she was trying to deal with.

She kept thinking about all the warnings naani gave her, but there was no change in attitude.

Conversely, she is still on a mission to erroneously prove that Nani is dead.

However, I always think I need to show a more direct interaction between Miraal and her naani.

Then this backfire would have been more influential. Sabaat Episode 7 Hum TV Dramas Story Review.

We hope that Miraal’s state of mind will be explored more as the story progresses.

Self-importance and lack of empathy, above all others, are two important characteristics of a narcissist.

The fact that Miraal was willing to kill Anaya to get her off the road suggested that she actually needed professional help.

She controls everyone around and can’t speak about the changes Hassan changed for something without help.

The father’s conversation when he met Anaya’s parents clearly showed where the spirit came from. Her father is definitely a facilitator.

It was an amazing surprise to me, not to mention Miramar’s mother’s apology tonight.

A mother is a good woman who can clearly see that her daughter and husband are going wrong.

But she is too submissive. This character looks like a caricature unlike Anaya’s parents, who have a clear character and presence.

In a conversation with Miraal’s friend, the author said that after naani passed away, there was a slight change in personality, but I couldn’t really see the change.

In addition to the fact that Miraal is sometimes lost, she is absorbed and shallow herself as before.

Sarah Khan looked really attractive in some scenes tonight, but her character is not as attractive as I expected.

Conclusive remarks

This was a fun episode overall, and there was a big change in the story. But there was no cliché.

Hassan will leave home after realizing what has actually happened, and perhaps Miral’s father will one day lose a great deal in business.

There must be a reason why the development of the office is taking a lot of time.

The preview of the next episode was intense and awaits how the story unfolds. Sabaat Episode 7 Hum TV Dramas Story Review.

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