Ye Dil Mera Episode 29 Hum TV dramas story review

Ye Dil Mera Episode 29 Hum TV dramas story review in detail. Yeh Dil Mera was a hit and miss drama. Where some scenes were good, the other failed to leave an impression.

Half the time, this episode is something viewers already know and remember. According to Aman’s dialogue with Abdur Rehman Baba and later to show how the dispute between Nilofar Baji and Mir Farooq escalated, there were very few new or unseen scenes.

Ana’s dream is back, but her memories shake, and beyond that, I remember a little bit and bob from childhood, including the memory of my mother Neil Loafer.

Anna is now trying to analyze her things and recognize what she is seeing and what she is doing. This episode didn’t show much to Ana, but so far the director has taken the appropriate approach to suggest that she is struggling with inner struggles.

Aman Abdur Rehman made contact with Baba. In the conversation, he left Daryabag after the accident but found Aman.

The best thing about his scene is the use of a creative language as well as the actor conversion actor in the role of Abdur Rehman Baba.

Farhat Ishtiaq is famous for creating great and meaningful conversations, but Yeh Dil Mera is not. Yes, the conversation in this play is not very philosophical, but you are not entitled to this kind of repetitive and simple conversation!

Mir Farooq extended to look for Anna but he could not. Ali Bakhsh also did his best to find his “SAAHIB” daughter but he failed miserably.

Now it is absurd that none of them bother answering Nargis Boa’s call. They should have given her the chance to think she knew something or Anna should contact her but she didn’t.

Even if Nargis Boa didn’t call them, the first person Ali Bakhsh or Mir Farooq should call Nargis Bua.

Nargis Bua and Detective Farhana started the rescue mission, but after wasting many kilometers on their way to Dariyabagh they finally discussed some details and finally spread beans about how Nargis Bua killed Aman to further relax the audience.

Family Detective Farhana Nargis Bua could not find out if there was anything against Amir Mir Farooq before telling him the truth because he ended up believing that there was a possibility of harming Aman Honor and that is why he is doing all this.

Good thing he knows now. Detective Farhana is already not happy about Mir Farooq and now there are more reasons to deny him because he knows he is guilty. The rest of the episode was full of flashbacks, which must be avoided.

In the last few scenes of the series, Nilfar called Mir Farooq and said that he was going to do everything to reveal it to him. Again, great performance there.

At every step, you feel in favor of Nilofar because no woman like Mir Farooq Zaman deserves a psychopath. Ye Dil Mera Episode 29 Hum TV dramas story review in comparative studies.

Aman also had a plan and he shared it with Abdur Rahman. Now that he’s about to die, I think that’s what shuts down his character.

He has been suffering from PTSD all his life and has come up with a plan to destroy Mir Farooq and when it is over I want to see it, probably because Aman cannot lead a normal life.

His unconditional love about bringing the only ray of hope for his character so that he can overcome his grief but he finds himself in despair when he finds out what he has done in the past with his father Aman’s family and his mother. Let’s see what happens.

Yeh Dil Mera should have ended now

Unfortunately, Yeh Dil Mera is not over yet. Even if they wanted the drama to be protracted, 30 episodes were enough, but it’s frustrating that there are still so many episodes left.

The latter will reveal a few more details of the night when Nilofar tried to escape with Anna, those scenes must have been intense.

And in a week, Anna missed another chance to grow mentally, but it’s interesting that her styling is on point even after her world has turned upside down and she looks eye-catching.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 29 Hum TV dramas story review in depth. Detective Farhana continues to do low quality work and even when he came to know such a tragic truth, his reaction was cool, perhaps the temperature in Daryabagh had already come to him. Please share your thoughts about this episode.

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