Kashf Episode 8 Hum TV dramas Story Review

Kashf Episode 8 Hum TV dramas Story Review in detail. It was, like all previous episodes ever aired, another interesting episode of Kashf. The story is growing and the progress is clear.

Each episode of Kashf has a lot to offer and there are different colors for each set of issues that Kashf is shown.

This time, it was all the pressure that Kashf must have exerted on all sides, especially after seeing her mother break up and helplessly.

It is surprisingly well stated by the Danish director Nawaz that the writer Imran Nazia describes the phenomenal and complete exploitation of women under the control of men and the attainment of their desires. ..

At the beginning of the episode, it is said that everything that Matiullah expected from reeds had to change into pretty clothes and make-up, as his wife expected from her husband, but a man like Matiullah Is dirty only because of their narcissistic approach to their loving marital relationships and the urge to rule their wives in ugly ways.

They have already established that the relationship between reeds and Matiullah is bitter and unhealthy.

So it was natural to feel that she didn’t have to do anything that pleased him because she already knew she wasn’t going to change anything – her husband was still doing her abuse and insult.

A similar scenario was presented by demonstrating that Dilshad is working to make money.

This case was different again, because some women did everything for their children in one hand, but Dilshad had a man who had to take responsibility but chose not to.

Therefore, when Dilshad decided to do a heavy job, she felt a lot because she showed that she was at least trying to give up, despite being weak and vulnerable.

All of this was enough to convince Kasif that he had to do something for her. At least not for the father, but for the mother, Pofo, and her sister.

In the rest of the episode, how Kashf agrees to be in Astana, Matiullah, since he has a perspective on his version and how he deals with those who come to find a solution to the problem, I recorded what I did.

But I told her that is not how things work, so I knew things were completely different. During this episode, I was honestly grateful to have revealed that such things are nothing more than a business venture for those involved.

It is a profitable business, and for this reason, people do their best to exploit their powerless vulnerabilities.

The drama also exposed a part of a society that places more trust in people than the One who created them. It is interactive and there is a demand for such a solution so that people finally come up with their supply method!

Imtiyaz had already imagined that his dream would come true. He thinks he was a big hit, but he will eventually realize that it’s not as smooth as Matiullah had originally promised.

Wajdan decided to meet Kashf in Asthana, I felt it would be a routine and eventually a kind of support for Kashf, but after Matiullah asked about Wajdan he would come from him it was clear that it would occur.

 The only interaction between Wajdan and Kashf in this episode was definitely my favorite. It showed how enthusiastic he was and how clear Kashkh was in her decision.

Kashf ‘s dream was probably sufficient to understand that Wajdan was around her, he may not be with her, but they are still connected.

Unfortunately, it is clear at this stage that Kashif’s dream of Zoya and Wajdan will come true. That’s why she turned back, but there’s definitely more to this side of their lives.

At this point, though, it’s great to see that Wajdan ‘s mother, Rashida, is doing everything to get things right and marry Kashf. At the very least, she realizes her mistakes and acknowledges and accepts Wajdan’s love for Kashf.

The dialogue, especially in this episode, was some of the best I’ve heard in a while. Kashf Episode 8 Hum TV dramas Story Review of characters.

Although Wajdan and Zoya indirectly regard him as a Shitan and speak as if Satan is still whispering, it is the believer’s responsibility not to give up hope, and the author is finely written.

Another of my favorite conversations was how Matiura explained the rules of the business to Kashf. Last but not least, the conversation that Kashf had with Allah when he prayed was that all power belonged to Allah and could handle the problems of all who have confidence and confidence. Was just him.

Perfect execution

In general, this episode of Kashf was very compelling and powerful. The drama is incredible, but I couldn’t notice the little details.

He wasn’t too impressed with the way she tried to plead with him, because Wadi Dan walked out of the kitchen with his back to the Zoya.

The other is to walk around the room and hide the snack he picked up on his way home from Astana after receiving money from Matiulla in the morning.

The Ashino scene where she looked at Dilshad’s hand was also very sweet and miserable. It is refreshing to see all these women support each other. Kashf Episode 8 Hum TV dramas Story Review for the viewers.

Dilshad also eventually enters the cave after having financial comfort, but it is Kashkh who is ready to do what she needs to comfort her mother.

A girl like her is more valuable than you might think, so I hope I finally wrote something good for Kasiff. The direction of Kashf is on the spot.

This kind of script actually needs a certain kind of processing. Danish Nawaz took it to another level with his vision.

The actors perform well in their roles, and each fits well in the role assigned to them. My favorite character is definitely Waseem Abbas.

Next comes Hira Mani, who is incredible as Kashf. It looks like this character was written with Hira Mani in mind, and she did Kashf right. Kashf Episode 8 Hum TV dramas Story Review and analysis of characters.

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