Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 20 Hum TV Dramas Story Review

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 20 Hum TV dramas Story Review in-depth. Tonight’s installment ‘Pyaar Ke Saddaye’ had a touching scene. Watching the episode restored my confidence in the author.

However, the preview of the next episode shows how Shanzay was going to marry Abdullah.

Shanzay’s personality is completely meaningless. The characters of Abdullah and Majabin are still the best side of the play.

The author is currently focusing on the love triangle, but do not explain why Mansura and Washma suddenly slipped out of that picture.

Mansura was annoyed at Majabin’s comment in the previous episode, but why couldn’t Washma keep her in “aesthetics” anymore?

As usual, Abdullah and Majabeen scenes were the main attractions of the area. Yamuna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan really won the drama.

He made his unconventional character just right. However, the situation remains quite awkward!

Abdullah decides
The last two distributions weren’t usually great in terms of storytelling, but Abdullah’s confusion and his actions always made sense to me.

The whole depiction was accurate and certainly helped to understand what Abdullah was doing.

Shanzay’s situation and Saw’s brainwashing forced Abdullah to spend more time with Shanzay because she felt she needed him.

He had no idea of ​​marrying Shanzay. One of the things about Abdullah’s personality over the last few weeks is that he is a humble person.

He is a sensitive person, so he always takes care of others. He is also a person who has never loved anyone unconditionally.

This is the main reason for falling in love with Mahjabeen. Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 20 Hum TV dramas Story Review for viewers.

Of course, Majabin had a big role in helping Abdullah make the decision. Majabeen was loving and very patient when Shanzay lost her temper and pushed him down.

Majabeen is simple, but you know how to work on it if you want something. The fact that she loved Abdullah made it easier for her to fight.

I really liked the scene where Shanzay covered “Farewell”. For the first time, I did something that required patience.

He couldn’t see Shanzay’s eyes, but he wasn’t afraid to let her go. Abdullah made a wise decision and Shanzay’s pride hurt.

The view of the restaurant is well written, especially Bilal Abbas khan. When Shanzay talked about marriage, it was expressive.

Abdullah and Mahjabeen
The scene of Abdullah and Mahjabeen tonight was so cute, I wasn’t surprised how amazing this story would have been if Shanzay hadn’t been in the photo.

This fight would have been more interesting if it had been between Sarwar, Majabeen, and Abdullah.

Majabin seems wise at the moment and Abdullah came when he made the right decision. The “Mehbooba” scene was the best scene tonight.

The father of the Mahjabin along with Abdullah was important, but I’m glad I didn’t realize Abdullah was a Mahjabin.

Due to the circumstances, his feelings were expressed. Abdullah had focused entirely on “feeling good” until he was introduced to

Mahjabin. The idea of ​​leaving Mahajbeen probably understood his feelings better. Both of these characters have certain strengths that they hope will eventually lead to a happy ending.

Pyaar Ke Saddaye should not be left out of the play, as Shanzay has put too much emphasis, and plays like Thora Sa Haq have forced such a situation.

What’s wrong with Shanzay?

Seriously !!! There is no explanation for the less desirable changes in Shanzay’s personality.

I don’t even know if she’s divorced, but she’s still planning on her next wedding. Not only did she get to know Abdullah, but her love for him really made her want to visit him! Only the authors know when, why, and how it happened!

This is the biggest shortcoming of the current play. Given that Shanzay will be more frustrated than ever in the coming weeks, the author really needs to make the audience understand why Shanzay is doing all this. Yashma Gill’s acting needs a lot of desire.

Other characters

The conversation with Sarwar’s mother was really fun! His motive is clear, but I wonder if he somehow marries Mahjabeen and he is trying to maintain a familiar lifestyle. Mansoora is completely absent from the episode tonight.

It happens so often in dramas that if the writer reduces the activity of the character, it is easier for the story to proceed in a specific direction, so the writer highlights the character conveniently.

I still remember Mansoora’s conversation with Pho. If her character is going to move forward that way, the conversation should not be visible.

I wonder where Washma is! In my opinion, these two figures should always be in the picture.

Conclusive remarks
Mahjabeen and Abdullah are worth watching Pyar Ke Sadqay. Characters, their tracks, and performances are never disappointed. Mahjabeen’s’zindagi ke mazmoon mei pass’ conversation was actually unrelated to her personality, but most of the scenes reflected her true personality.

Abdullah’s decision tonight was refreshing, but the preview of the next episode promised more equally! Shanzay is really sexy and is gradually losing influence due to Sarwar’s personality. But overall, it was really fun to see the scenes of Abdullah and Mahajabin. Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 20 Hum TV dramas Story Review for readers.

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