Sabaat Episode 10 Hum TV dramas Story Review

Sabaat Episode 10 Hum TV dramas Story Review taking an interesting turn.

The Sabaat episode tonight focused exclusively on the marriage of Hasan and Anaya, which is set to take place in the next episode.

Like all other episodes, this one also showed Miraal’s control side. Ali literally fled, he finally got wise! The most interesting aspect of this episode is that Miraal’s real anxiety about the change was first written in a way to connect with her character.

If this inner anxiety were to appear on the screen while Miraal’s external behavior continued to appear, this character would have been much more interesting.

Sabaat’s OST has the most meaningful lyrics and sings beautifully, but the director couldn’t use it effectively.

Some sensations prevailed tonight and it was a much more interesting episode especially compared to previous episodes.

Miral lost her grip

Miral did everything on her own to prevent Hassan and Anaya from getting married. So far, it is clear that Miraal is considered an insult if it does not go as planned.

Her response to the most trivial things is that she expects everyone to do exactly what she wants, otherwise she is ‘true’.

She did this with her father, brother, and even friends. When she hesitated to ask a friend of hers, Miraal immediately said that she did not want to come tomorrow, even though she was not staying tonight.

She secretly planned to marry Ali to hurt her father. Ali’s departure from her was a major blow to Mira’s ego and made her anxious.

For the first time, naani’s scene provided insight into Miraal’s real anxiety, so the inside was just as frightening as the confidence on the outside.

In her mind, Miraal is scared to be left alone because she knows that she is not a desirable person. She may know subconsciously that she will never find anyone dancing to her song.

This scene helped me understand why Miral was so angry. She gradually realizes that she is losing a gradual job, but is still working harder to put her family under pressure.

Sarah Khan did well tonight and for change, Miraal’s character is not under the control of Hasan and her father.

Hassan and Anaya

The conversation between Hassan and Anaya tonight was cute. A few weeks ago I thought I wouldn’t warm-up for the couple, but now it’s really cute.

Hassan looks much more mature and has shown the flexibility to improve his relationship with his father.

My dad also acts a lot more responsibly and doesn’t act like a broken child! This whole track makes a lot more sense than now.

Since there are many episodes dedicated to this particular cut, I’m so glad that the story can finally run after I get married! Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani are no longer college students. Sabaat Episode 10 Hum TV dramas Story Review interesting change.

This character development adds to the charm of the Hasan / Anaya track. The wedding preparations on both sides were well covered with emotional scenes in between.

In this episode, the scenes of Anaya and her father recall the emotional conversation between Durr-e-Shehwar and Aba. Muhammad Ahmed and Mawra Hocane are very convincing as fathers/daughters who have a very special bond.

The conversation was meaningful and relevant to Anaya’s situation, but also more appropriate to Miraal’s current condition.

She hates too much space in her mind and is a man who has no place to love because she wants it. Maybe if she had been raised by a father who had such conversations instead of rewarding material things, she would have been a very different person.

Final thoughts

It was a fun episode with a meaningful scene. The story is finally on. It seems Usman Mukhtar fans have to wait longer! Are you ready for the footsteps of Hassan and Anaya? Sabaat Episode 10 Hum TV dramas Story Review, turning interesting.

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